Our Story

While trekking through the wilds of Shan State, Myanmar in 2016, taking a break from our busy lives lived out of our suitcases, Wolf Kitchen was born.

Founded on the premise of procuring the highest quality natural cooking products from Myanmar, Wolf Kitchen collaborates with local manufacturing partners, bringing  unique products to market and in the process aiming to put Myanmar on the map for foodies and and health seekers alike.

So, what does all this mean? Wolf Kitchen produces fantastically delicious healthy essentials for your kitchen, packaged in hefty reusable jars. We got the ball rolling with three items - best quality Raw Shan Honey, Himalayan Rock Salt and Epsom Salt. Though, since inception we have met many local companies and organizations which produce world class products. Thus, we are in the process of working with them to expand our product line and bring you delicious new items, from peanut butter to hot sauces, which are sure to knock your socks off!

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Get Wolf’s into your Kitchen!

*If you are a local producer and would like to collaborate with Wolf Kitchen, then please send us a message at hello@wolfkitchen-mm.com or ping us on our messenger!